On the verge of dropping out from University in 2015, TAHG Founder and Fashion Enthusiast, Chia Anyaegbu survived an emotional breakdown through an unexpected act of kindness. Wanting to pay it forward, she created TAHG in 2017 a streetwear brand in London that would partner with charities that help less privileged kids stay in school.

What began as a simple act of kindness has evolved to a fast growing online retail store specialized in the marketing and distribution of urban wear and accessories that have a positive impact on the world. TAHG gear is recognised by its signature red puzzle piece which serves as a reminder to think about how YOUR choices affect others around you daily.

Since 2015, our partnerships have helped up to 13,000 people in need. An impressive number, thanks to purchases from people like you!


Our team is working hard with the vision to curate collaborations with creative brands that cover the 17 United Nations Sustainability Goals towards a happier and healthier world. We are building a unique merchant network within the US, Europe and Africa that focus on the most sort after trends in apparel and accessories responsibly sourced from local, international and our very own in-house brand alike.

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