The TAHG Club

Who is a TAHG club member?  Glad you asked!

At TAHG, we believe every single person on this planet holds the missing piece to another's struggle.
And just as every piece in a puzzle is unique and contributes to the bigger picture, we too celebrate our individuality through fashion & style as we contribute to the greater good of the world. Our presence gives people a reason to believe God indeed exists.

"We are beacons of light in this dark world. Our actions always produce a positive ripple of events "- Chia, Founder of TAHG

We are a movement of people who are passionate about looking good and spreading positive energy to the corners of the earth. 
Spreading love is like a candle sharing its light, it doesn't matter how many other candles it lights up, it still burns bright. The more it shares, the brighter the room.

The more TAHG club members, the brighter the world! So join us..

3 Simple Steps to join!
1. Shop with TAHG  
2. Spread love the TAHG way. look good, do good!
3. Wear that red puzzle piece with style and pride because..

There's fashion, then there's TAHG!